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You know what really pisses me off? Every poker related site you go to these days, more often than not, you will see it illustrated with a Royal Flush. Yeah right, like that ever happens. Even on the TV, if there’s a poker game “going down” then there are always idiots betting what they can’t afford like the keys to their house/car/business. The game on TV is always five card draw and everyone is always string betting. It’s bollocks. This is mis-representing the poker game to the masses.

Thats where we come in. StoneColdBluff are regular Joe poker players. We are nothing special in this world, we are not mega superstars of the poker world, we just really like to have a punt. This site is dedicated to the real poker players out there and we aim to concentrate our focus on proper tips, tricks and strategies that you can use right now to improve your No Limit Hold Em Poker game.

We focus on the real cards, not the hollywood hands.

We will be aiming to explain the gap concept, how to work out pot odds quickly in complex situations, stategies for cash games and tournament play along with other juicy tidbits of poker tips.

This site is for the game of Hold Em Poker, focusing on No Limit Texas Hold Em poker because we love it more than the other variants of the game. We will from time to time touch on Limit Hold Em poker because there is a deeper level of strategy to it. Perhaps even some other casino table games like Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker and Craps too.

StoneColdBluff.co.uk is for poker players that have been playing socially for about two to three years, this site is not aimed towards the novice player and conversely it is not aimed at the high-roller pros either.

Watch us play, learn with us and as we improve ourselves the tips on the site will improve with time, and so will you.

You want to improve your game? You are an ‘average Joe’ player like us? Then get a drink and grab a chair my friend, we are about to shuffle up and deal.

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Duff putting in a pot sized raiseDuff

Duff is the poker odds master. This guy plays every hand by the book… depending which book you read ;) He has read up and learnt the most about the game of No Limit Hold Em and has probably played the most poker hands out of the both of us. A demon at heads up play and a force to be reckoned with Duff has experience and agression on his side.

Vster on the phoneVster

The poker fanatic of the team, who loves a bit of all-in action at the slightest whiff of weakness. Would ruin his own mother with a pair of deuces if he got the chance! Loves his odds and loves to punt. Vster was separated at birth from Phil Hellmuth and manages to get the same strop on if you get lucky against him, but an all-round top fella who’ll happily take money off anyone willing to play with him. Raise at your own risk!

StoneColdBluff History

StoneColdBluff wasn’t one of those things that was designed and planned right from the outset, it kind of evolved through the love of the game. Around 2003 I (Vster) was introduced to the game of Holdem Poker by Duff in a quiet little pub over in Farnham, Surrey where we played for matches. After a couple of hours and getting all of the beginners luck I was absolutely hooked on the game.

Duff and I would then regularly meet up with others from our circle of friends who also enjoyed a bit of poker and, a couple of times each month, we would each host a home game. We would never really play for big money but a ring game with £5 rebuys seemed about the right level.

After a while it became apparent that we were actually getting quite good and we had made the transition from playing home games to playing online for real money at the low end micro stakes level.

This happened around the time that there was a massive poker explosion in the UK where the game really picked up pace and started to gather momentum on terestial UK TV channels.

But apart from the occasional late night weekday TV slot or some badly written websites, there was nowhere we could go to improve our game. Most of the content on the internet back then dealt with either the basic fundamentals of poker or it would talk about overly complicated advanced strategy that just was not relevant to us at our level of gameplay, or it was American and so we couldn’t associate with it.

So we decided to take it on board ourselves to fill this void. StoneColdBluff was born. We wanted to provide poker tips, tricks and strategy written from people who are actually playing the game and who were writing from their own personal experience. We were not interested in copying content out of books or using content that already existed on the internet we wanted all of our articles to be 100% original. We also wanted it to be free. We weren’t interested in making a quick buck from sharing our stories or providing strategy tips, we were doing it because we had a love for the game and a passion for what we do.

After a couple of years I stumbled across a website that has been extremely pivotal in our progression. The website was called Poker Diagram and featured hosts Henry and Zog who would play online tournaments and record their audio into a podcast format. This was such a simply brilliant idea that Duff and I decided to give it a go and try it out for ourselves.

It was an instant success. We received emails from people who loved our podcasts, we had feedback from others who had said our tips had really helped their home games… When we eventually took a small break from regular podcasting we even received emails from our listeners who wanted to know when the next podcast was going to be uploaded – they simply couldn’t wait to hear it!

In 2010 we stepped up our game and added a further dimension to what we do through the use of video and started to produce a run of poker vidcasts so that our listeners could now also see us as we played our tournaments online.

Not only can our audience subscribe to us via RSS feed, but you can now find us listed for free in iTunes or you can digest our content directly from the site iteself. Both the RSS feed and our iTunes feed is clocking over fourteen and a half thousand downloads per month which is a staggering testament to how popular these podcasts have become.

That pretty much, in a nutshell, brings us up to date. What does the future hold for StoneColdBluff? Only the Poker Gods know the answer to that one…