6 Top MTT Tips for Experienced Players

Multi-table poker tournaments (MTTs) offer a new kind of poker experience which is both challenging and exhilarating. This fast-paced tournament style is a must-do for any intermediate player who wants to up their game and join the big leagues for a chance of winning some serious cash. With the right skills and know-how, a successful player can climb their way to the final table of a Paddy Power Poker tournament.

Here are some top tips to help you achieve your MTT aspirations this year.

Play fewer tables

Playing eight tables at once is a tall order even for the most seasoned of MTT players. Weigh up the pros and cons of the situation before committing to more play. Sacrificing high levels of concentration over the chance to win big may hurt your overall game in the long run. Focus on achieving a decent hourly rate on fewer tables to improve your game and promote creative strategy into your play. Diving into an eight table situation straight away can often lead to robotic play and reduced levels of creativity – a vital element in any poker strategy.

Start out right

In order to reach the top, you will need to start from the bottom. Reckless and spontaneous bets will prove disastrous at this stage of the tournament. Hold back, assess your opponents and wait for a good hand to conserve your chips. Other players can often reveal their styles and poker strategies early into the tournament. Use these signs to your advantage to seek out an amateur table.

Opening up

After a tight beginning, you should open up your starting hand requirements. If a table is still tight in the middle to late rounds of the tournament, there will probably be a lot of dead money floating around. Take advantage of this situation by introducing high suited connectors alongside your premium holdings. Poker is a game which favours the brave as well as the savvy.


Enter the game with a level head. Multi-table tournaments are challenging, with a maze of variables  which you will need to battle through such as unfavourable odds and bad beats. However, you should also be aware of the unpredictability of the field. Go in with a winning attitude as you may find that you have landed within a lucky soft field.


Practice your end game skills online through poker sites or by playing numerous hours of sit and go’s. Sit and go blinds are often short stacked therefore these games are excellent practice for the nail biting final table. All manner of poker games, from Omaha to No Limit Hold’em can be played in sit and go’s. Although sit-and-go (SNG) play may seem intimidating at first, there are plenty of online resources to help you get started such as the 2+2 Single Table Tournament forum.


Although practicing SNG can improve your game tremendously, it can eat into your time and possibly your assets. Alleviate the strain by playing smaller stakes in these other games whilst you are in these learning stages.

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