Casino Games to Play Online

We’ve all been tempted at some point to check out online gaming. Anyone who has done it can probably tell you the first game they tried, why they did, and whether they won!  Mine was, Roulette, ‘I knew more about it than the other games’ and Yes … (I always bet on black … ask Wesley Snipes why :P )) – We also know that to the uninitiated it can appear daunting at first. The fact that online gaming has been about longer than most of us have been shopping online should give you all the confidence you need if you are unsure. It’s easy to deposit and you will be up and running in minutes. One of our favourite casinos to play on is 888 casino.

So, what games to play? I opted for Roulette as I’d seen it on TV and had put a passing pound on black whilst out with the lads in a bricks and mortar casino (which I lost!). There are normally many more games offered online than you will find in a real casino as they aren’t taking up valuable space on the gaming floor. This is your chance to try out all of them. The added benefit of gambling online is that you can take your time to get to know a game starting off with incredibly small bets until you feel happy that you want to properly take the plunge.

A great example of this is the often feared craps table. This is an awesome game and is actually pretty easy once you have played a few rounds. There’s no immense strategy that must be learnt and the ‘pass line bet’ is actually one of the best bets in the Casino, online or offline, because it has the lowest house edge. Have a dip into Pai Gow and put your skill against the dealer but whilst also taking calculated risks (never in one game will you utter the words more .. “I knew I should have set it the other way!”). You’ll still be loving it no matter what happens and there is always a Help button not too far away if you really want to delve into the rules.

Three card poker can give as quickly as it takes, but if you hit a good stride then your bankroll can get a very healthy injection indeed! Maybe you feel like a more relaxed game with an ice cold beer in hand … try Let it Ride; This game will get the heart pumping when you’re four to a flush and take a cheeky gamble (how does 8 to 1 sound paid three times?!) Then of course there’s Roulette …. Everyone has their perfect strategy and their lucky numbers …. Hit one of those and you’ll be laughing all the way to the fridge for another beer!

I haven’t even mentioned Slots yet! .,….. there is a slot to whet your appetite, whether it be you’re a lover of Super heroes or a Leprechaun, you will find a slot that will whisk you off into a fully immersive bonus and you’ll forget where you are whilst your winning!

So what are you waiting for? .. give it a try … You’ll love it! .. I’d bet on it! :D – Good luck and let us know how you get on trying different games. What’s your favourite?

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