How To Look For Tells

The Tell-Tale Signs Of Spotting Tells At The Poker Table

So while in Vegas I stopped by the Wynn and decided to play a few hands of limit holdem. I sat down at the $3/$6 table with $100 and started scouting out the table.

It was an amazing table for a master class of poker tells and how to ruin people with them.

The table only had 8 players and so I sat out for the first few hands and waited for the button. This is something that I like to do, and would recommend, as it gives you a good look at your opponents for a few hands before you have to invest any money.

I had seen that no-one was particularly aggressive in their betting and that generally if someone bet at the pot they would nearly always have the hand they are representing.

I also picked up on some classic poker tells. I was making sure to watch my opponents cards when they were turned over to confirm that I was right. Here are a few of the tells that I had on my table:

  1. I had a guy to my right who clearly didn’t like getting beaten and he would go on tilt at the slightest push. I wouldn’t let him limp with anything and he was getting clearly annoyed about it. He ended up losing the $100 in front of him and a further $100 that he got out his pocket. He was calling all the way with junk in the hope that his “bad luck” would come to an end.
  2. A woman to my right who was so tight that if she bet then she had to have a monster.
  3. A guy just after her who would put his chips in and leave them alone if he had the hand, but would push them further away when he was bluffing. I raised him every time he did this and he folded every time!
  4. A guy opposite from me who would stare at his cards upon first look for a long time if they were good, or he would have just a quick glance when he was going to fold.
  5. Best of all was a guy who would actually pull faces if he liked or disliked the flop! As you can imagine when he didn’t like the flop I bet it and when he did like the flop I check/folded.

I sat there for around 30 minutes and made $115. I probably should have stuck around but I had to run to get in a bit of Pai Gow!

So there you have it – the information is there to be found. You’ve just got to know where to look!

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