Night Out In Town vs Night In Gambling

Why not suggest something new to your friends next time you’re arranging your night out? We all know that a night on the tiles ends up costing a fortune once you’ve starting hitting the beers, then come the shots of tequila or flaming sambuca – £30 or £40 later you’re ordering an overpriced cab and waking up the next morning wondering where all your money went! (… and why you’re covered in kebab!)

How about trying some gambling online? You are likely to find online casino games for everyone and you can even play online poker with your mates … turn that £40 each, into some serious cash and a good laugh. Sign yourselves up to an online poker room and reap the benefits of the bonuses that come with it. Grab some beers from the supermarket, get them ice cold and you’ll be ready to go!

There are plenty of beginner tournaments to enter should you wish to get your punt on. Once you have that under your belt you can look to enter some of the bigger money tournaments. The multi table tournament format is where big the money is, and will provide hours of near misses, genius calls, hero folds, some damn right crazy luck and big winnings to help you along your way.

Many online poker rooms also contain Casino games. Get your hearts racing and beer spilling as you hit that blackjack, or that little ball rolls into your number on roulette! All of this in the comfort of your own home, without having to pay to get in (we’re not stopping you charging your mates if you’re that way inclined ;) ) and you won’t have to pay anyone to use the toilet whilst getting sprayed with horrendous after shave.

So next time you wake up from the night before wondering where all your cash has gone, get yourself arranging a night in with the lads. Turn the fridge down, the music up and you may even end up making some decent cash.

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