Open Face Chinese Poker

Welcome to Open Face Chinese Poker (OFCP)

“Welcome to what?!” … I hear you cry … This is the best thing to happen to poker since someone holding a knife looked down with intrigue on their tiger loaf!

The Premise: You will end up getting dealt 13 cards, all of them face up so that everyone playing can see what you have and you can see all of theirs. You and your opponent(s) will be dealt five cards to start and then each player takes it in turn to receive further cards to place face up.

The Skill:

You can assign your cards, as you get them, into any one of 3 rows. The bottom row must contain five cards, another five card hand in the middle and a three card hand at the top. Each row must make a valid hand as found in typical poker hand rankings – the only other rule being that your bottom row must be stronger than the middle and the middle stronger than the top. The skill here is to have a good knowledge of Odds and where you can make the strongest hands without fouling. If you mis set your hand, if the strength of hands is not set in the correct order then your hand is considered ‘fouled’ and this is very bad news.

The Thrill:

You have 2 cards left you come and you must make that flush, otherwise you are about to take a beating .. boooom! There it is .. the card that has saved your bacon and your opponent slams the table in disgust ….. but wait! .. you all still have one more round .. and anything can happen!

The Future

At StoneColdBluff, we will be bringing you a full on page of tips, tricks and Open Face Chinese Poker strategy as we learn and develop the game ourselves. We will also be bringing you the best way to play the Pinapple variant of OFCP as well as all the associated strategies that go with the Pineapple game.

Open Face Chinese Poker is rising fast as the go to poker game and it’s starting to hit the online poker world – Get involved in some cheap as chips OFCP online and get in the game!

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