Pai Gow Poker

Basic Rules and Strategy

Pai Gow poker is a game often played by casino gamblers who want to extend their time in action, since the game tends to develop slowly. For online casino players, it’s a great way to earn bonuses and stretch their bankrolls.

Pai Gow Poker Rules

The objective of the game is to create the best poker hand possible. You will be dealt two cards, witch is referred to as your front hand, and five cards described as your back hand. Your back hand must always be stronger than your front hand. To beat the dealer, both your hands must be stronger than the dealer’s hands.

Basic Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Players who are looking for a simple game that can play correctly without too much work on their part will opt to play according to the “House Way.” Players can simply click the House Way button and have their hand organized in the same way that the casino organizes their hand.

Advanced Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Your best bet in online Pai Gow poker is usually to try to make your two-card hand as strong as possible without sacrificing too much strength in your five-card hand. What this means is that if you can make a straight or flush with the five-card hand, you will often do so regardless of the effect on the two-card hand. However, if you have the opportunity to put an ace or a pair in the front hand you should almost always do so, even if this means you must devalue your five-card hand to some extent (remember that your back five-card hand must always be stronger than your front two-card hand).

Pai Gow Poker in Practice

Remember that in many cases, the game will be a push, as you will win one hand and lose the other. This is why the game tends to stretch a bankroll if paid correctly. Keep in mind however that if you lose one hand and push (“copy”) the other, the dealer will win, which gives a little extra edge to the house.

In some casinos Pai gow poker will be referred to as Double-hand poker.

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