Slowplaying Can Come Back To Bite You

When Slowplaying a Hand is not Always The Best Tactic

I was in a $10 ten seater last night and a couple of very interesting hands came about. One was the most lucky suck-out I’ve ever had against me, and the other two involved beginners trying to slowplay big hands with short stacks.

Slowplaying Beginners

Let me start with the beginners and their Slowplaying tactics. I had a very tasty chip lead at the point we enter the story with over a third of total chips on the table. Naturally I was playing bully. A guy which we will call “Dave” has 287 in chips and flat calls on the small blind. I’m sitting pretty with 1957 in chips and I check my big blind with 4 6 unsuited.

The flop comes 6-2-5 with two hearts. He’s sitting there with 237 in front of him and so I bet 150 to find out where I am, hoping to get him all in. Sure enough he raises all in and so I call the remaining 100 or so. He turns over KcQc and never improved. I took him out with a pair of sixes.

Let’s look at what he did wrong. He was short stacking plus he was going up against chip leader at the table. He only has 5 times the big blind and so should have definitely pushed all his chips in pre-flop. Had he done so, there is the possibility I would have folded my 46u and he would then be up to 350 in chips plus be on the button for the next round. Silly, Dave, Silly!

By simply calling he is reducing his stack even further making it less of a threat to me if he does decide to go all in plus he is giving me a ‘free’ look at the flop where I could improve my had against him.

The next guy who we shall call Jeff has 401 in chips and is on the big blind. I’m on the button and currently have 2319 in chips with blinds at 25/50. Everyone folds round to me, so being the bully I am I decide to make it 150 to play with my 98u. The small blind folds and Jeff smooth calls my raise. The flop comes 5-5-7, Jeff only has 250 left so I bet 100 into him. He responds by raising all in. I’m getting odds to call my gutshot straight draw here, so I do. He turns over pocket rockets, I then hit my 6 on the turn giving me a straight and sending Jeff packing!

Again, Jeff should have re-raised all in pre-flop. At least then he is going in with the best hand, and I probably would have folded. Whereas by giving me a look at the flop he then has suddenly handed me odds to call him. This is not the way to play big cards if you are short stacking. You are either all in pre-flop or all out.

Lady Luck

This next hand was brilliant, and it was so lucky that I was laughing and just looking at the screen in disbelief. I even told this guy to buy a lottery ticket!

So my opponent Fred is sitting there with 1114 in chips and I have 2973. He is on the small blind and smooth calls. I look down to see pocket fives on the big blind, so I raise it to 300 total with the blinds currently sitting at 50/100. He calls.

The board comes down 4-10-2 rainbow. He goes all in quicker than you could say it.

Now I’m faced with a decision of about 850! I had noticed from previous hands that when he bluffed he liked to move all in very quickly, so I figured that my pocket fives where actually good and so I called. He turns over 63u! Yes, that’s right, he called my raise with 63u.

Currently he’s looking at a gutshot straight draw and needs a five. Bear in mind that I am holding two of them, there are only two 5′s left in the deck giving odds of 20/1 to make it.

You guessed it, the turn comes a five. How I laughed! Fair enough he put his chips in there but it did make me giggle. I called his bluff correctly though and in the end I wound up getting all the chips back off him and knocking him out eventually so was all good in the end.

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