Typical Players In NLHE Full Ring Games

In this article then I would like to take a look at the typical players who frequent the full ring poker games from NL25 through to and including NL100. I want to discuss what the typical player actually does in this environment. First off then I think that there are very important differences between your average six max player and your average full ring game player. When you happen to go into a card room in a live casino then you may have a chronic shortage of options with regards to which poker games you can sit in.

However this isn’t the case in online poker and so on the large sites and networks then if you see players sitting in full ring then this is because they have chosen this form of poker over six max. This in my opinion indicates an awful lot about the mind-set and style of a poker player and also their attitude to risk as well. More tight player’s frequent full ring than in any other environment and this is especially the case when you see a full ring game player multi-tabling.

A player like that will be playing very tight ranges as the combination of playing full ring and playing so many tables will make it so. This is a player who is likely folding a very high percentage of their range and merely playing for rakeback, bonuses and getting value from the odd fish who just happens to make a mistake against them in a deep stack situation. So the average typical full ring game player is often not making big bluffs or even balancing their ranges and will often slip into pot control mode because they often fear getting all in or risking significant percentages of their stack with non-nut hands and powerhouses.

It is very useful to know this information going in and I see many new players at no limit ring games simply pay off the tight playing regs too often. Don’t get me wrong here, the tight game plan of a reg is hardly optimal poker but with rakeback, sign up bonuses and a good solid ABC game then it can do very well in certain poker environments.

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