What a Way to End a Poker Tournament

How did this must-see poker hand happen?

Chip leader, Notkins, raises UTG with pocket Kings; no one is going to question this play. Miller is short stacking and elects to raise all-in with KQ offsuit; Again, a smart move when you look at it because his short stack isn’t going to last much longer out there. Miller is sat with two high cards and the chip leader has made a play for the blinds. By lumping in here, Miller is not really looking for any callers, but is trying to re-steal the blinds.

Jaques looks down and sees AT offsuit. Let’s think about his thought process for a second; He is 2nd in chips by only a little to Notkins and wants Miller all to himself. As Rivers is also short stacking and might be tempted to lump, should he win against Miller and Rivers he would jump into 2nd place and headsup being chip leader. As Notkins made a fairly standard under the gun raise, Jaques would have to be very unlucky to run into Notkins having a monster hand. If this scenario was run a thousand times, Jaques would more often than not end up with his wish of just himself and Miller all-in.

Rivers has a pair of eights in the hole. Although he is most likely the underdog he again has a decision to make. Baring in mind that he is short stacking himself, he is comforted by the fact that should Jaques win then he will still finish in 3rdplace as he has a few more chips than Miller. He also knows that Miller and Jaques are more likely to have high cards than a pair so might fancy his chances. He calls.

Notklins has a very simple call here and the craziness begins…

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