What Is Rakeback?

Are You Getting your Rakeback?

All serious poker players know that you must take full advantage of any gains available. Are you one of these poker players and are you getting your rakeback!?

Most poker rooms will allow you to get 30% of your rakeback paid directly into your poker account! This soon adds up and you can expect to get around an extra $50 or more a month. All you have to do is carry on playing your favourite online poker rooms.

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Rakeback Bonus

If you are already a member of your favourite poker room you could always go round to a friend or relatives and get them to download through your new rakeback link.

This method earns you rakeback plus you’ll also have a brand new account so players won’t have any notes on you yet. Best of all you’ll have a brand new bonus to work off.

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Rakeback? WTF?

Every hand that is played in any poker cash game has a 5% rake taken out of it which goes to the house.

For example you are playing at a $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Holdem cash table with $30 in front of you. You have pocket Aces and decide to get very excited by chucking it all in… You get a caller who also has $30. The pot now stands at $57.

Why? Because the poker room have just taken their 5% rake. You have contributed $1.50 to this rake and thus get 30% of it back.

$0.45, doesn’t sound much but that was just one hand! Imagine how this adds up when playing at a rate of 50 hands an hour.

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