Add Your Link

Add Your Link

If you would like to exchange links with us here at StoneColdBluff, please first READ THE RULES listed below.

The Rules

I’m sorry if I offend you but I’ve got to be harsh in order to avoid the timewasters. So here goes…

  • We WILL NOT participate in three-way linking
  • Your site must have some decent content in it
  • STRICTLY poker related sites ONLY. Casino sites may be accepted at our discretion but only if there is poker on offer.
  • Your links page must be easily found by your visitors. We will not link to sites that hide or appear to hide their links page. Your links page must be part of your primary navigation and not tucked away in your footer.
  • Add a link to our site from yours before you get in touch
  • We reserve the right to refuse any proposed link exchanges at any time, for any reason.
  • If you breach any of these rules above you may not get a courtesy email informing you of our refusal to take part in a link exchange.

If you can agree to the above, please send an email to us using our contact form

Don’t forget to add our link to your site before you contact us. Our link details can be found below.

Reciprocal Link Details

Site Title:
StoneColdBluff Poker Tips, Tricks and Poker Strategy
Poker tips, tricks and strategy for the intermediate no limit texas holdem poker player.

How Not To Do It

Here are some examples of some of the rubbish I have to sift through on a daily basis. Honestly, I’m not a jerk, it’s just that sometimes I find it hard to see how difficult it is to follow some simple rules.

Three Way Linking

Hi, I visited your site and liked the contents so would like to propose link exchange partnership with your site. As you probably already know, link popularity is a major factor in getting a site noticed by the search engines and getting traffic onto that site. An additional link would help both you and us to get more traffic. If you accept this link exchange partnership then place the under mentioned details in your link page: Please add my link only at pr 2+.

Here is my detail:

URL: Title: football betting

I will add your link at – or

This is a classic three way link scenario. We do not do three way links. This guy hadn’t even put my link on his site yet and still had the cheek to demand that his link be put on a page of mine with 2+ PageRank. I simply refered this numpty to the linking rules above.

Hidden Links Pages

I visited your site at and would like to exchange links. In good faith I have already added your link to my reciprocal links directory at http://www.XXXXXXXX/resources/Online-Poker.html. Could you please add my link to your website?

Thank you

Unfortunately this was my reply:

Thanks for adding our link to your site, however I could not see how visitors can get to our link from your home page. Please can you show me the links visitors would have to click to navigate from your home page in order to find our link.

To date I have heard nothing back. While everything else was right about this link exchange, this guy kept his link page well hidden. We will only link to web sites whose links page can be found easily from their home page.

Poor Content / Unrelated content

Hello Webmaster,

I am a link manager and run a Casino related site which has good content for your users.As you know 3 way linking is beneficial for getting higher rank in google so I am interested in 3 way text linking with you.If you are interested Plz add my details to your site and drop me an email with your details.The link page you will provide us must be relevant and have PR 1 atleast.We are prefering UK hosted sites only.

According to the PR you provide your link will be added on the following page: (PR 4) (Content Rich) (Gambling Related)

And/Or (PR2) (Content Rich)

And/Or (PR 1) (Content Rich) (Gambling Related)

And/Or (Content Rich) (Gambling Related)

The details of my site are as follows:

Anchor:Progessive Bingo Halls URL :

If you own any other sites for which you are willing to trade links, please let me know. I’ll be happy to add your listings to my site immediately. I’ll be glad to hear anything you have to offer.

Again, this is three-way linking but on a grander scale. None of the sites are even poker related. Needless to say we did not participate with linking to these guys.

How To Create A Successful Link Exchange

I discovered your website and would like to request a link exchange.

I have added your information to my website at

Please review my website and, if you approve, add my information to your links pages.


TITLE: Poker Supplies, Poker Tables, Poker Chip Sets

DESCRIPTION: offers Poker Supplies, Poker Tables and table tops, folding poker tables, poker chip sets, books, DVDs and poker collectibles.

Please send the URL of your page where my link will appear. Thank you.

Direct, to the point and polite. Everything checked out, all requirements were satisfied and her link was added within an hour of her request.

You see… it’s not that hard now is it?

Premium Links

We can offer you one-way inbound links directly to your website in return for a small donation towards the article writing and upkeep of our web site. We have built a very strong web site, crafted lovingly by hand which is doing remarkably well in search engines for many competitive organic keywords. We are in a prime position to pass to you a share of our page rank and traffic. Our website has been around for several years and has a trusted domain age as well as content which is continually being regularly updated.

If you wold llike to discuss your advertising options with us, please send us an email using our contact form and we will be in touch.