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Image of Vster and DuffJoin us as we play online sit-n-go poker tournaments and commentate on the poker strategy as we go. We discuss intermediate and advanced poker strategies specifically tailored towards the low limit texas holdem poker player. We commentate on the moves involved in our play, explaining what we do and why we do it.

Each show is hosted by Duff & Vster who have both been playing poker for over ten years and who make regular trips to Las Vegas to stretch their skills. They both draw on their extensive knowledge of the poker game to share with you their tips, tricks and strategy in both audio podcasts and video vidcasts.

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Poker Videocast 01

We went digging in the SCB vaults the other night and came across thiss little gem that we don’t think ever really saw the light of day… until now. It’s a poker videocast with Duff and Vster as we play a bit of sit n go action and you can get it as a .WMV only (quality isnt great so don’t expect much).

Download: Poker Videocast 01


Poker Podcast 25

Duff flies solo tonight to take you on his whistle-stop tour of the world of mini micro limit poker. He chats about the forthcoming Stonecoldbluff poker freeroll and also how to get your hands on some rather cool stonecoldbluff poker tshirt merchandise.

Download: Poker Podcast 25


Poker Podcast 24

Camp Vster and Beardy Duff introduce yet another jam packed poker podcast stuffed full of tips tricks and strategies. We discuss in depth Duffs beard, plus we play one of the quickest tournies of our life. Its another white knuckle ride! Join us as we cough our way to the final table.

Download: Poker Podcast 24


Poker Podcast 23

After a few hectic weeks away from the microphone, Duff and Vster podcast a one dollar sit and go poker tournament and discuss poker tips tricks and strategy along the way. Worth a listen to improve your low limit game.

Download: Poker Podcast 23


Poker Podcast 22

One of our longer podcasts sees Duff and Vster back in amongst the action as we attack a $10 sit n go tournament. We talk about how easy it is to get yourself signed up and registered for our forthcoming freeroll tourney, plus we explain the benefits of betting with baked goods.

Download: Poker Podcast 022


Poker Podcast 21

Duff and Vster hit another sit n go micro limit tournament for some fast and furious online poker action stuffed with poker tips, tricks and strategy. with a race to the finish, will the unlucky duo manage to make it into the money? Download now to find out!

Download: Poker Podcast 21


Poker Podcast 20

Duff and Vster get butchered in a turbo tournament and share some of their poker nuggets of wisdom. Probably the shortest poker podcasts we have ever done, but in my opinon one of the funnyest.

Download: Poker Podcast 20


Poker Podcast 19

Duff and Vster’s Poker Micro Limit Crazy Days Poker No Limit Podcast Of Doom. Duff chats, Vster plays and we both battle it through a 30 strong field to find out if we still have the magic touch. We also get quite excited when we smell that cash out finish. Join us, won’t you?

Download: Poker Podcast 19


Poker Podcast 18

It’s been quite a while since our last poker podcast, but here it is in all it’s glory. Due to demand, Duff and Vster come back to the micro limit no-limit texas holdem tourney tables for some 30 seater mayhem. Will we actually get round to winning a tourney this time? Download the podcast to find out!

Download: Poker Podcast 18


Poker Podcast 17

Duff from pulls out all the stops and embarks on a micro-limit no limit tourney for 12c. The point of this podcast was to show how to take advantage of playing position and keeping tabs on your opponents.

Download: Poker Podcast 17


Poker Podcast 16

Vster and Duff from delve into the deep end of a 30 seat sit-n-go no limit holdem poker tourney and battle it out while chatting about the best poker strategy to use for playing this kind of structure.

Download: Poker Podcast 16


Poker Podcast 15

Duff takes us on a solo poker podcast as he hits the micro-limit tables in order to practise some of his moves against some monkeys. He highlights some moves you can make against players that are worse than you and gives some great pointers on playing solid, aggressive poker.

Download: Poker Podcast 15


Poker Podcast 14

Duff and Vster return for another session – but this time instead of playing a sit-n-go poker tourney, they play a good amount of no limit micro-limit cash tables as Vster plays with his entire online poker balance. Some good explanations of positive expected value and implied poker pot odds. Duff rants on about Sex Key while Vster explains how a Poker Bank could work in the real world.

Download: Poker Podcast 14


Poker Podcast 13

Duff and Vster get back into the swing of things and hit the virtual felt once again with another StoneColdBluff Poker Podcast. Check out our new theme music too. Some good tips in this one about playing scared poker and maximising your poker profits.

Download: Poker Podcast 13


Poker Podcast 12

The whole crew are quite literally “in the house” (mine to be exact). Duff and BazzyG get back from a trip to Las Vegas and tell the rest of the team about their travels. Tievoli, Kels and Vster join in on this cast too. Contains profanity.

Download: Poker Podcast 12


Poker Podcast 11

It’s a team effort! BazzyG, Duff, Tievoli and Vster head down to Soverign Poker for a night of frantic action in the £40 freezeout. Join us as we talk about preparing for tournaments, tournament strategy and post hand analysis. Also some great live examples of inflection points and knowing when to get your chips in.

Download: Poker Podcast 11


Poker Podcast 10

Duff introduces us to another solo effort into a single table tournament. Plenty of raising, folding and poker trickery from the mathematical master of the team. Hold on to your chair – this one is fast and furious!

Download: Poker Podcast 10


Poker Podcast 09

Duff gets ruined, however it does give a good example of knowing your inflection points and how to use them. Also shows what can happen if you don’t know them. This podcast contains colourful language.

Download: Poker Podcast 09


Poker Podcast 08

Vster and Duff head down to Soverign Poker for their Saturday night £40 semi-freezout. This poker podcast was made during the journey up there and inside the club itself. A nice little insight into the world of tournament play, some discussion of re-buy tournaments plus the benefits of cutting a final table deal.

Download: Poker Podcast 08


Poker Podcast 07

Bubble play! Back once again (for the renegade master) are Vster and Duff from StoneColdBluff as they hit a $10 sit-n-go with a bunch of check-call lunatics. A great lesson in knowing what to do in multi-way pots.

Download: Poker Podcast 07

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