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Calculatem Pro is a software that helps the online gambler calculate poker odds in real-time, thereby helping YOU to increase YOUR likelihood of wining! Calculatem Pro is the most widespread real-time online odds-calculator. The software supports over 100 online poker rooms. It is updated daily and has several special features!

Hand Odds AND Pot Odds: The Calculatem Pro™ Difference

Calculatem Pro online poker software tool

Pot Odds are an absolutely critical factor in skillful, high-percentage poker. Every poker pro and strategy book will tell you likewise. They are mathematically complex and quite confusing for most people. But they essentially work like this: If the money you can win in a pot – compared to a ratio of how much you need to put in and the odds of hitting your hand – will more than make up for all the times you might lose, you should call. In other words, if you make that same play over and over, you’ll come out ahead in the long run.

The problem with simple odds calculators: They can’t manage the complexity needed to generate those precise odds. Calculatem Pro™, however, can. And that’s your edge. Calculatem Pro™ provides all the basic hand odds (even improving on the basics) PLUS pot odds so you don’t make isolated – and costly – plays based on hand odds alone.

More Precise Odds and Better Advice at Every Step

Most odds calculators work by randomly dealing the outcome thousands of times and averaging out the results (the Monte Carlo method). That’s not nearly enough in poker. Calculatem Pro™ has improved on the basic hand odds most calculators provide with the most sophisticated mathematical algorithms available. A player still in a hand when others have folded no longer has any random poker hand. Calculatem Pro™ uses a proprietary predictive algorithm to give weight to your opponents’ likely hands in every scenario and determines the exact probability you have the best hand. And not just on the river, like most calculators, but with every single card. Advice is then given based on both immediate probability AND future probability, and of course adjusted according to your position and number of opponents. It makes all the difference. Calculatem Pro™ predictions are just plainly more accurate; if Calculatem Pro™ says you have a 75% chance of winning a hand, you will find you take about 3 out of every 4 of those pots.

You simply have better, more accurate information at your immediate disposal to make quicker, more accurate decisions. And it always pays off.

Stay a Step Ahead of the Competition

Quicker, more accurate decisions give you a decided advantage over your opponents at all times. Steal more pots with the exact probability of winning now, on the next card and on the river laid out right in front of you. Switch up your response times to eliminate all tells. Forget about wasting time and energy trying to calculate your odds or letting your emotions get in the way of playing smart. Focus entirely on fine-tuning the rest of your game to maximum advantage and maximum profit. Regardless of how skilled you are, an odds calculator will keep you one step ahead of the competition. Calculatem Pro™ then goes one step further. It does the most complicated, time-consuming math you can’t, and turns Hold’em decision-making into a clear and straightforward process.

Complicated Odds and Sophisticated Strategy Made Simple

The easy-to-read Calculatem Pro™ dashboard, advice bar and odds chart give all the information a beginner needs without being overwhelming. All of your “outs” are shown with colored dots in the “deck” window, making it easy to see straight and flush draws for both you and your opponent. It also tells you exactly when you have “the nuts,” eliminating confusion and letting you play your opponents for the most money possible.

As your Texas Hold’em game develops, you’ll find the extra advantages of Calculatem Pro™ – the odds of making specific hands, odds of your opponents making certain hands, “simple outs” vs. “total outs,” pre-flop hand strength, Sklansky score and the vital pot odds – all indispensable.

With Calculatem Pro™ you can also keep playing even after you fold (virtually), so you can see what would have happened if you had stayed in and further sharpen your judgment and skills. Using Manual Mode, you can even recreate exact scenarios (including cards dealt, position, etc) to see what you should have done.

Whatever your skill level, it is absolutely critical to have an odds calculator watching along with you. In a highly-competitive environment like online poker, you need every resource possible at your disposal.

Completely Adjust Calculatem Pro™ to Your Preferred Style of Play

Calculatem Pro™ will give you entirely different advice based on your preferred playing style. Do you want to be aggressive or cautious? Are there hand rank preferences you have based on your experience. Set your preferences for play before and after the flop using tight, average and aggressive options. Force Calculatem Pro™ to never play hands in some positions unless they are in a certain percentage. If you never want to call in the small blind unless your hand is in the top 5% of all starting hands, simply check a box. And, like the pros, you can adjust your style of play immediately to the game and table you’re playing – and always get your best options accordingly.

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