Sit N Go Shark

Sit N Go Tournament Poker Software

Sit N Go SharkIn a nutshell, Sit And Go Shark is an “advice engine”. The software simply attaches to your online poker game, watches what happens, and then gives you step-by-step customized advice in every situation.

The advice comes from a HUGE database of text that took over 6 months to write. Every single word you’ll read in this program was written in an easy-to-understand, no bullshit manner.

Given the complex nature of Texas Holdem poker– and the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of possible situations covered, it’s safe to say Sit And Go Shark is a REVOLUTIONARY tool that will change the face of online poker.

You are going to be AMAZED at what Sit And Go Shark does for your online poker game… and more importantly, what it will do for your bank account!

Whether you’re a full-time rounder who’s been playing poker for years– or a newbie who’s still making DEPOSITS instead of WITHDRAWALS– it doesn’t matter. This software program is going to take your game to the “next level”, I promise. Here are just a few of the ways you’ll benefit from Shark’s advanced features:

Opponent Alert System

You’ll have “insider information” on the important betting habits and “tells” of your opponents. You’ll know precisely when to bluff a timid player, when to fold to a manic, and when to use special “tricks” against players in the blinds…

Hand Strength Graphics

Use these graphics to know “at a glance” the strength of your cards. These graphics are calculated from the percentage chance you’ll have the BEST hand on the next card… using advanced algorithms that only a computer can process.

Humor And Style

Never a dull moment! I hope you have a sense of humor, because Shark includes its “fair share” of comedy

Identify And Fix Leaks

You’ll quickly run into situations where you DISAGREE with what Sit And Go Shark tells you. This is good. Because this is exactly when you’ll start finding “leaks” in your game… and it will show you step-by-step how to fix them.

Millions Of Combinations

Sit And Go Shark is the first tool of its kind… because no one else has dared take on such an ENORMOUS task! The Shark advice engine houses MILLIONS of possible combinations to accommodate all the situations that can occur in a game of poker.

Game Type Adjustments

There are plenty of poker rooms on the Internet. The tactics needed to win at one room are often different than those needed at another room. That’s why there is “hard coded” advice for specific game types and casinos. For instance, the advice you see for a PartyPoker Sit and Go won’t be the same as the advice for a PokerRoom Sit and Go, because each of these casinos has its own unique characteristics…

Customized Interface

Everything on the Shark interface can be customized to meet your exact preferences. From the size of each advice section to the order in which they appear. You can even hide sections if you’d like. While a lot of online poker tools are too cumbersome to be practical, Sit And Go Shark delivers a friendly user-experience.

Color Coordinated Advice

Shark makes it easy to make fast decisions under pressure by color coordinating advice in the “Your Cards” section. For instance, if you should fold a hand pre-flop you’ll know before reading the advice because the text will be red.

Insightful Coaching

Sit And Go Shark is not just designed to help you win Sit and Go’s. It’s also designed to TEACH you better poker skills for the long-term. Often times the advice engine will show a “more” link that you can click to get in-depth strategies and commentary about your situation. It’s like having an “interactive book” that flips to the right page at the right time!

Instant Recognition Of Games

Sit And Go Shark is incredibly easy to use. As soon as you turn it on it will immediately recognise all compatible games that are running on your computer. Just click “Go” for a game and Shark will launch its advice engine and begin!

Limit And No Limit Compatibility

Sit And Go Shark is compatible for both limit and no limit Sit and Go’s. The advice engine adjusts to the type of Texas Holdem you’re playing… that way the text in each of the seven sections is 100% accurate.

Previous Text Records

At any time you can look through the previous hand record in Sit And Go Shark to review advice. This is especially useful after “game-changing” plays.

Overall Improvements

After you’ve played with Sit And Go Shark, you’ll begin to notice major improvements in your poker skills, even when you’re NOT using the software! You’ll see increased success in ring games, large multi-table tournaments, heads-up matches, live cash games with your friends, and large tournaments like the World Series of Poker.

All Of This

And Much, Much More – If you’re ready to take the next step and download Sit And Go Shark, click here.