All In

Poker Tips & Strategies for When To Go All In

Desperate Move, or Cunning Tactic?

Poker Strategy Tip

Hot Tip: This is a great move against small stacks as you are asking them “Do you want this to be your last hand?”. Beware! Going all in is NOT an informational raise!

Does what it says on the proverbial tin. Luckily you cant bet any more chips or cash than is on the table in your possession at the start of the hand (otherwise the car keys would start flying into the pot!)

Choose your opponents and moments wisely when risking your whole stack It is an awesome buzz though when firing the third bullet with an all-in, over the top raise and getting them to fold with nothing but a pure StoneColdBluff!

Practical Example

Moving All In is not only about trying to win a huge pot. It is also a stealthy weapon in your texas holdem poker strategy! You have to also think of how going all in can be affected by your poker odds. Let me give you a quick example:

Blinds at 25/50 – You have 1000 in chips left and look down to see 78s in middle position. There is one limper in front of you and you elect to call – there is a raise up to 200 from the button (a loose player) – the blinds fold,EP calls and you call as you are being offered just over 3/1.

The board comes down 6s9dAs – rather nice flop for you – the EP checks and you elect to throw out a bet of 150 (leaving you with 650 and the pot now sitting at 700) – The button goes all in and you are now faced with a decision for all of your chips.

Another Top Tip

Another top texas holdem poker tip on pushing all in is that your position is no longer a consideration. It will not matter if you are on the button or under the gun if you are going to be all in anyway. Therefore we can now look at this as a very simple propability problem – If you look at our poker percentages page you will see the simpe way to decide. – Here’s the equation:

You have 15 outs and so therefore have a 60% chance of improving to either a flush or a straight by the river – you only have 650 left and are being offered odds of just over 2/1 (you only need 1.5/1 to call) .. and so you should push all in all day long!

All In Strategy

Another great holdem poker strategy for your all in effort is when used to prevent implied odds of you opponent – let’s use the same example as above except flip it round so that you are now the button player. (we will also have to give both of us more chips in order to realise how important all in can be.)

Same flop and so the MP puts in a bet of 150 – now it’s over to you and you are sitting there with AKu – you feel that you have the best of it at the moment and want to prevent MP from drawing out on you. – let’s say that instead of MP having 1000 at the beginning of the hand, he now has 3000 and so do you. In order to protect your hand here and now, if you raise all in then suddenly MP will only be getting odds of 1.32/1 (3500 / 2650) – This would not justify a call and would be a mistake on his part if he did.


Please please remember the best holdem poker strategy tip of them all!! – All in is NOT an informational raise!

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