Flop Texture

How Has the Board Helped You?

This is very important and often over looked. The texture can either be great or really really bad.

The Rainbow Flop

Let’s say we have pocket cowboys. The board comes down K-8-3 rainbow (all different suits). This is a wonderful flop for you as there are no straights on and currently no flush available.

Your Hand Flop Turn River
king of hearts king of clubs king of spades eight of diamonds three of hearts face down card face down card

Diamond Draw

However, now say that there are for example two diamonds out there, an opponent with Ad4d now only needs one more diamond to make the nut flush! With two more cards to come he has odds of 2.5/1 to make it. If you try to slow-play now you are just asking for trouble (and probably deserve it). Always be on the lookout for what people are drawing to etc.

Your Hand Flop Turn River
king of hearts king of clubs king of spades eight of diamonds three of diamonds face down card face down card

Someone betting small on a flop such as 8s 9s 10h is likely to be straight or flush drawing. Someone who raises very strong on this flop has either flopped the straight, or hit trips and is trying to protect their hand.


  1. Pretty interesting, the one that always leaves me unsure is when i flop a set or have an overpair like AA and then there is 3 of the same suit on the flop.

    Comment by Betty on October 3, 2010 at 2:31 pm
  2. If you have aa with the nut flush draw you must give your opponent odds to call with the weaker flush draw. if you are reraised, call, but be weary of the board pairing. If you hit the flush, put in a near pot bet. Your opponent will either make a mistake by calling (which will mathematically make you money in the long run even if you lose), or he could fold. He may even go all in thinking you couldn’t have the nuts by your betting, in which case you have stacked your opponent.

    Comment by tom on March 21, 2011 at 1:13 am

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