How To Work Out P And M

Poker Calculations

WTF is P?

According to the legend that is Dan Harrington, it is the average chip stack at the present time. I find it a good idea to always keep the tournament lobby in full view when I’m playing poker online so that I have a wealth of information including this average. Whenever P starts to approach your own chip count, you need to start considering getting busy in order to get back up again.

This is critical in relation to the next point which is:

WTF is M?

Poker Strategy Tip

Hot Tip: Be aware of when the blinds go up and how it will affect your M – try to keep both of these figures in mind.

This is all to do with the mighty important Inflection Points. It is a simple calculation which will tell you how many rounds you can survive at the current blind levels.

Quick example:

Blinds are 50/100 and you have a chip count of 5000.

Add together the two blinds (SB 50 + BB 100 = 150 in this case) and then divide your chips by that figure.

Your Chips / Blinds = M

5000 / 150 = 33.33

So you currently have an M of just over 33 which is not too bad.

If there are antes involved as well then you will need to add these onto the calculation.

Here is a further example:

Blinds are still 50/100, but there are now antes of say 20. It will now cost you 20 every hand, so you need to add another 200 to the 150 of the blinds. This is because every time the blinds have done a full circuit of all the players at a 10 seat table, you will have paid 200 in antes.

So if we work out our M now:

Your Chips / Blinds+Antes = M

5000 / 350 = 14.28

Poker Strategy Tip

Hot Tip: I can not stress enough how important it is that you keep this figure up to date and in your head all the time. If you are faced with an M under 20, you will need to be lumping all in rather then just a minimum raise.

This given an M of just over 14. This is not so good and means that we can’t keep calling and have less flexibility in what we can and can’t do.

You should constantly have your M figure in your head and also should have a rough total of everyone else’s at the tables! – This will give you a great heads up on who might be about to lump all in etc.

You will be surprised at the amount of people with a low M (under 10 say) who still raise a minimal amount pre-flop and then fold on the flop when faced with a bet – they have literally ruined their fold equity and will get swallowed up by the blinds which are to come! If it’s good enough for a raise preflop then put it all in when you are running low.

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