Squeeze Effect

Push Your Opponents Out Of The Pot

When To Use The Squeeze Effect

This is to be used against loose aggressive (LA) players who are good enough to actually worry about table position (I’m not talking about someone who likes to sit near the window here!)

How The Squeeze Effect Works

Let’s say that a LA guy raises under the gun (player A), a few fold, then another LA guy in say 6th position calls the raise (player B). You sitting on or near the button, and perceived as a fairly conservative player, decide to implement the squeeze effect. You raise in late position (not needing too much of a hand) and now player A has to seriously like his hand to call your raise. These are the reasons why:

  1. You are perceived as a tight player and so could be representing a very strong hand.
  2. If player A calls, he is still facing the possibility of a raise from player B who is still to act.
  3. Player A will be first to act in every round, and you will always have position on him.

Be Careful!

Make sure you put in a decent raise. A min raise here means player B could call, then player A will call if only for value or player A could move all in and reverse the squeeze effect you attempted to pull off yourself! A re-raise of at least 3× the opening raise is sufficient.

What Next?

So player A decides to fold. Now player B is faced with the same problem. You will always have position on him, plus he is putting you on a strong hand. After player B has folded, lean forward and scoop up your well earned pot. Showing your 7 2 off-suit is optional ;)

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