Apply the Pressure Before You See Your Cards

In a cash game if you are under the gun, you are allowed to announce straddle before the dealer deals the first card. This will entitle you to post double the big blind in before you receive your cards.

However for this round (and this round only) you are effectively now on the big blind and so will have the option if no-one raises. This will also have the advantage of doubling the pot size for that round of betting. If at a table of rocks who are scared of any raises this can be a useful way to make a bit of extra cash or equally get ruined.

Do Ya Feel Lucky?

If you are feeling seriously up for a punt some places will let you do a re-straddle! this means that you can double the straddle – no limit Texas holdem poker central!

All of sudden your small $2/$4 game can be re-straddled up into a hi-roller $8 / $16 card game of poker! (not quite hi-roller but you will certainly be wanting to win this one! haha)

It’s Not For Everyone

Straddling is not exactly recommended as a top Texas holdem poker tip for the reason that no one likes to put in the big blind at the best of times so why would you put in double? However it can be beneficial to give off that maniac image every once in a while. This UK poker site would rather leave it to the poker maniacs.

Happy Straddling :D

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