Learn Vital Poker Tells to Find Out What Your Opponent is Holding

One of the many pitfalls that inexperienced players fall into is that they beleive poker is a game of bluffing and having a ‘poker face’. This is simply not the case. Although bluffing is definitely a stong piece of kit to have in the amoury, it’s not the be-all and end-all of poker. What we hope to do on the following pages is give a bit of guidance to some of the more common poker tells out there and hopefully you will be able to spot when your opponent has a weak hand, or a strong one.

Betting Tells

A great explanation of how the amount someone bets can be used to ascertain their hand. A superb tell that works both on and off line.

Chip Stack Arrangement

In a live poker game environment, players like to stack their chips in different ways. Here, we look at the reasons behind why some poker players stack their chips the way they do.

Pacing And Leading

Here’s a sneakey tactic used to extract information out of another player at the table. By using pacing and leading you are forcing a tell from your opponent.

Poker Psychology

Come with us on a journey deep inside the poker player’s mind and find out what makes them and you tick.

Strength Tells

When someone raises you ten times the big blind and it’s your action, all of a sudden your 3 4 suited connectors don’t look quite so good anymore. Learn if your opponent is class, or arse.

Weakness Tells

Ever see your opponent’s hand tremble when they put their chips in? Surely that’s nerves isn’t it? Don’t count on it!

What Not To Wear

Gain early advantage by working out the betting style of your opponents before you see them play

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