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“Hey Duff, I’m Brian from the USA. I really enjoy listening to your podcast on ITunes. I really enjoyed your episodes 15 and 17 on micro limit play. I wanted to say thanks for the tips on playing 1-2 cent cash games. I was able to work my bankroll up 50% playing the “aggression style” that you talked about. I now use the stab at the pot play as part of my regular play and I make so much off of betting the “orphans” I gotta laugh. Thanks again for the podcasts and the advice.” – Brian

“StoneColdBluff – ‘The Next Hendon Mob’ ” – The Hendon Mob

“Hi Stone Cold, Just came across your blog whilst Tag surfing! How long you been playing for? You have some good ideas on this blog :-) Keep up the good work.” – Carl ‘The Dean’ Sampson

“Hi guys, nice blog. Keeps the tips coming. I do believe they’re working! Got my best league finish last night, placed 6th in the diamond tourney (bubbled it, unfortunately) and 4th in a pre season game (bubbled that one too lol), but hey! top table twice in the last 3 weeks, not bad for someone who couldn’t do better than 23rd last season. Cheers guys and good luck to you and your livers ;0)” – Pat

“Just quick email to say great site thanks for tips took some of them in to my game tonight and they are working well” – M Cartwright

“Hey guys great site keep up the good work. Some of your tips have taken my game on a lot.” – R Sanders

“Really enjoyed the [podcasts] for download and learned so much by listening how other people play. Keep up the good work.” – S Wigg

“I was surfin good uk poker sites and found yours, love it…Thanks for the good honest site. I love the videos you guys make…you can be bigger and better than the Hendon mob” – P Wright

“I have spent the last 45 mins NOT working, and reading your content. Very good, especially the tells.” – J Marks

“I visited your web site earlier today and I just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, and informative web site. It is not often that I come across a web site that offers a wealth of quality and hard to find information.” – J Joshi

“I have visited your site and liked its content. It was excellent. Your idea of creating such an excellent site on Poker Strategy and Poker Tips, deserve special praise.” – B Kreiman

“I’ve had the opportunity to visit your site and I am very impressed” – T Tandet

“Just visited your website for the first time, and I’ve gotta say well done! I think it’s a really good site you have put together, good tips and strategies.” – W Price

“Site looks great!… You rock!” – K Marcus

“Thanks for the information! It was helpful!” – Ramakazi

“You have an excellent site. Thank you very much.” – Abby

“Your videos are fantastic.” – S Szalavitz

“Your site looks great” – Nic Lemanissier

“These videos are great” – B Biryla

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